What is Counselling/Therapy

  • Counselling/therapy is an effective treatment for a range of emotional and relationship problems.

  • Counselling/therapy is a talking therapy wherein the counsellor/therapist
    seeks to help the individual/couple make sense of their feelings and behaviour.

  • Counselling/therapy addresses complex issues, thereby alleviating stress and suffering.

  • Counselling/therapy seeks to find understanding and meaning in symptoms and patterns of behaviour,

  • Counselling/therapy enables the individual/couple to gain insights and more effective ways of coping with their problems and feelings.

  • Counselling/therapy provides a safe and supportive setting in which to explore these problems.

  • Counselling/therapy respects the individual’s/couple’s confidentiality throughout.

  • Counselling/therapy consists of weekly 50 minute appointments agreed between the individual/couple and the counsellor.

Is Counselling For Me? #01
Counselling works towards personal growth, effectively guiding the individual to realise their potential. Encouraging the development of their independence and strength to make desired life changes for themselves.

It is a gentle way to learn how to take charge of one’s life. It offers space to explore new ways to be in a safe environment with an experienced practitioner.

Counselling is for those who:
Is Counselling For Me? #02
  • Have problems forming or sustaining relationships.

  • Find themselves repeatedly in unhappy relationships.

  • Feel depressed.

  • Feel anxious and unable to cope with the daily pressures of life.

  • Lack self-confidence.

  • Find life changes difficult to cope with – bereavement, illness, divorce.

  • Suffer from phobias, eating disorders, panic attacks and obsessions.

  • Stress and anxieties.

  • Marital/partnership difficulties.

  • Addictions

  • Compulsive gambling

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